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EAGLES (Electricity And Gas Location Enquiry System)

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Please note that as of Monday 9 August 2021, all new Cadent and National Grid planned works enquiries will be managed via LinesearchbeforeUdig

The Electricity and Gas Location Enquiry System (EAGLES) portal will no longer be available after 5pm on Friday 6 August. If you have an urgent enquiry to raise between this time and Monday 9 August please call 0800 688 588. You will need to register with LinesearchbeforeUdig to process any new enquiries from Monday 9 August.

We want everyone working near our assets to be safe, and we look forward to continuing our safe working practices and relationships. If you have any questions or concerns about the above, please contact Cadent at or on 0800 688 588

Visit LinesearchbeforeUdig >>

This site allows you to submit enquiries about activities and work that you are planning which may have an impact on the gas distribution network owned by Cadent or the gas and electricity transmission networks owned by National Grid.

This service is provided by Cadent's plant protection specialist. This site therefore covers all Cadent, National Grid Gas plc and National Grid Electricity Transmission plc infrastructure.

Once you have submitted your enquiry you will receive a response giving guidance on further steps you need to take and, if appropriate, a map of your area of interest showing the location of gas and electric apparatus. Please note this site does not cover electricity distribution networks. Details of your electricity distribution network can be found here

If you wish to contact a specific Cadent or National Grid department or other network operator, click on the link below to view contact details:

View Cadent / National Grid Department List

Tutorial - New User Registration

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Reporting a Gas Emergency

If you smell gas or are worried about gas safety in Britain, you can call 0800 111 999* at any time, day or night.

* Calls are recorded and may be monitored. Some mobile phone network operators may charge you for the call.

Reporting Damage to Electricity Cables or Overhead Lines

To report damage to electricity cables or overhead lines, call 0800 40 40 90* at any time, day or night.

* Calls are recorded and may be monitored. Some mobile phone network operators may charge you for the call.

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